Monday, 11 October 2010

This is England '86 - Interview with Lol

Interview with Vicky Mc Clure - LOL

This Autumn saw the return of Shane Meadow’s ‘This is England’. An uncompromising drama about life as a skinhead in the 1980’s. Released in 2006, it became an instant cult classic. The follow up, a four part TV series called ‘This is England ‘86’, is appallingly raw and as emotionally convincing as television drama can be. In terms of pure human honesty, it can be regarded as one the greatest television shows England has produced. This authenticity is credited almost entirely to the startling performances Shane Meadows draws from his cast.

“We are like a family, cliche as it may sound, it’s true,” reveals Vicky McClure, who plays Lol. “Everybody is so engrossed in their characters and Shane has the vision, he knows just want he wants to get out of you.”

Few characters in the series display crippling emotional confusion with as much depth as Lol . “In the film, me and Lol were similar. It was a few years ago, I probably had a bit more of an attitude. Now Lol and I are a million miles apart because of what she’s been through. All that stuff, I can only imagine how horrific it is for somebody to live it.” Lol has to endure being jilted at the altar, having an affair, having a rapist as a father and finally murdering him to protect her younger sister. “I remember when Shane told me about the story and me killing me Dad and all,” She recalls, “I thought, fockin’ ‘ell this is gonna be incredible if it actually happens.”

Although Lol has a more turbulent life style, Vicky admits they now have some things in common as she has been influenced by the skin-girl fashion. “The clothes and the style and all that was a big deal because I had to have so many drastic changes with my hair. But I embraced it and I loved it. I have things in my wardrobe now that I would never have had if it wasn’t for ‘This is England’.”

Published: I-D Online, October, 2010

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