Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cerebral Ballzy at Old Blue Last

Cerebral Ballzy
Old Blue Last,

Radical. Awesome. Gnarly. These are the most suitable adjectives for this 80s skate-punk assault on East London. The best of British and American thrash punk spit vitriolic and disillusioned anthems of maladjusted rage at an audience of tattooed slackers. Mumdance takes a break from providing beats for grime MC Jammer to roll some old style hardcore punk between bands.

Amateur Video are the first band up, with their low resolution aural pornography. So dirty, you will never feel clean again. The pub is full of hardcore kids being steam cooked by the heat and these messy noise makers are making it worse. Shitty Limits follow swiftly after with a relentless double sided attack. Switching from the fast as fuck hardcore of ‘I'm A Square’ to the garage style stomp of ‘Last Orders’. Singer, Louis’ bitter screams of defiance pierce through buzzsaw guitars shredding pop sensibilities.

The insensitively named Cerebral Ballzy deliver a sloppy, booze-sodden, punk-rock pizza, fresh from New York city, a rowdy crowd respond with mob chants and mosh pits. These wild eyed, drunken skaters have the street punk swagger of The Casualties and the irresponsible speed and intensity of Bad Brains. They incite the sweaty little grease hole of a venue to violence and crowd surfing. Fists fly as three chords fuss furiously over incoherent ramblings on songs like ‘Sk8 All Day’ and ‘Insufficient Fair’. This is how punk is meant to be; drunk, angry and stupid.

Published: The Fly, August, 2010
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