Friday, 21 May 2010

Live Review: Real Estate and Ganglians

Cargo, London

Summer is upon us. The red-eyed, blissed out young stoners of London rejoice and celebrate its arrival along with that of two of the greatest American stoner jam bands to emerge for many seasons. They shuffle into the cavernous Cargo of Shoreditch, but before they can settle down to the luxurious lo-fi lullabies of Ganglians and Real Estate they must endure the opening act.

Double Dagger are an ageing post hardcore band, going through the motions that were so familiar five years ago. A balding singer who looks like Moby tries valiantly to grab the attention of a largely disinterested crowd by leaping feebly from the stage and whining in the faces of bemused teenage girls.  It’s clear the audience has either seen it all before or never wanted to see it in the first place. The band depart ungraciously, insulting the audience for not reacting as they had hoped.
Ganglians follow. Their celestial, Californian vibrations settle on the audience like manna from heaven. Three curly headed apostles produce ethereal rhythms and melodies that Ryan Grubbs, a long haired, lo-fi Jesus, preaches over with acoustic guitar, improvised keyboard and haunting vocals.

The room fills a second time for the soporific symphonies of Real Estate. The gentle strum of jangly guitar like bird song at twilight soothes the crowd, who sway gently to the chilled New Jersey sound. Despite the easy going nature of their music, the crowd erupts into thunderous applause between each number. ‘Fake Blues’, ‘Beach Comber’ and ‘Suburban Beverage’ all go down particularly well. The fans’ enthusiasm is so great that they even perform an encore, a typically rock and roll convention that seems out of place in the context of these laid back stoner grooves. The Fly doesn’t see anyone complaining though.

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Published: The Fly. 21st May 2010

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