Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Strange Boys

Strange goings on

FREE MP3: The Strange Boys - This Girl Taught Me To Dance

The Strange Boys – yes, Rough Trade has signed them and they are another garage rock band, BUT they are a damn good one. Psychdelic-summer-pop done the way it should be done; burnt on the outside, still raw in the middle. They are not afaid to break out the odd sax solo when the occassion calls for it, and for this fact alone they have my deepest respect. Listening to their Count-Five- esque, British, sixties style rock, you’re not likely to think of Texas, but thats where these old boys hail from. I asked brothers Ryan and Phillip Sambol some patronising questions and recieved these suitably brief responses.


You live in Austin – is this awesome? (Y/N)

RS: I don't know how to answer that question.

Philip has night terrors – has it occurred to you that these may be messages from paranormal entities of the spirit world? If so, who are they and do they dig the strange boys?

PS: I don't know who it is/they are, but I got in a fight with one the other night. I got cut up pretty bad, but since then I have slept very soundly.

Right now, which is the best country in the world for music?


Being from Texas – do you have an irrational fear of Obama?

RS:Being an American, I have quite a rational fear of Obama.

You guys dig conspiracies right? like 911 was a fix up and that. Which ethnic group/alien species really controls the world?

RS: Hard question, we don't dig conspirarcies, we just prefer the truth. Look into it for yourself.

European women are easier - True or false ?

"one [always] dreads facing a pretty girl when one is collarless and unshaven." -George Orwell

JLP or Lux Interior? If they are in hell now, who is shafting who with a pineapple?

PS: It's hard to say.

When are you next in the UK?



Published: P.i.X magazine: issue # 41, February 2010
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