Monday, 10 August 2009


FREE MP3: DINOWALRUS - Electric car, Gas guitar

The over stimulated hipsters of Brooklyn are inclined towards staring at their shoes disinterestedly at live shows. It takes something akin to a musical sledgehammer to snap them out of their self conscious nonchalance. “I like to think that when we play, the music rips the audience out of some complacent mind set and makes them feel alive!” Pete, lead guitarist and singer of Brooklyn’s Dinowalrus , glows with enthusiasm as he speaks. Things should have taken off for the band by now, who supported the legendary Silver Apples at the end of last year and released their first 7’ in February. Alas their unpredictable electro-psych rock has gained far less attention than it deserves.

“I feel like our band has had a tougher time than some,” Pete says sadly, flicking his eyes nervously up the dark Brooklyn streets to look for cops before taking another swig of beer. “I have nothing else going on now that I’ve been unemployed for 6 months. It’s like a permanent vacation and I’m taking advantage of it.” It’s hard not to sympathise with the experimental trio, whose blend of electronica and good old fashioned psychedelic rock is balanced to perfection but has failed to deliver them from the welfare office. “We still like certain sounds from the seventies like the Ron Ashton solo, you know like funhouse shit?” Pete goes on, “We’re not gonna get rid of that just for the sake of futurism in our music.”

Their organic approach to making music is based simply on jamming, doing whatever they feel like. This inevitably leads to a barrage of distortion, pedal effects, screams and moans, haunting synth, pounding drum machine beats and even the frenzied strangling of a clarinet. But how long can the band survive living on the margins of financial stability? Regardless of the somewhat self inflicted poverty, Pete maintains that Dinowalrus will not compromise their creative vision in an effort to gain popularity, “Are we gonna be an art project that happens to be a band or are we going to buy into the traditional trappings of being a band?” He asks himself, “We’re certainly not trying to be the next Jonas Brothers that’s for sure. Whether we’re trying to be the next MGMT is debatable, but we do have certain aspirations beyond being a noise band playing for 5 people in a weird loft.” Pete goes as far as to say that he does consider what he would like to experience if he were amongst the audience. “What’s that then?” I ask,
“I wanna have my mind blown.” Their debut album will be released on Kanine in October, expect it to blow your mind.

Published: P.i.X magazine: issue # 36, September 2009

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