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In a dilapidated, North London studio, suffocated by almost complete darkness, Dalston based dance punk trio Teeth!!! are taking a break from recording their new 7” for Moshi Moshi records to munch Cheez-its and discuss the band.
“He’s gonna make us famous.” Boasts lead singer Veronica So, nodding toward Jacob Cooper of Californian label mates the Mae-Shi. Jacob is helping produce the new record. “I’m checking my facebook.” He responds disinterestedly while hunched over his laptop.

The band keep themselves busy with a frequent output of recorded material, this 7” isn’t the only project they’re working on. “We’ve done a split with Thee Fair Ohs, it hasn’t been released yet.” Veronica explains. “We’ve also done a split with Finally punk, Pens, the Vivian girls and Best Fwends on eat your hands records. All the songs are 30 seconds long and it will be released for free.”

Although the band play as far away as California and Veronica’s family live over the pond, they owe some of their style and inspiration to their base in East London. “We practice in a squat, for free. Dalston is nice because you can find that sort of thing,” Veronica enthuses, on the subject of her adopted home town.
“Totally,” adds keyboardist/songwriter Ximon Tayji. “And also the bands connected with the area have been really supportive.”

Despite their fondness for the trendy terraces of the East end, the band admit their favourite gigs have been out of town, including one at the Smell in Los Angeles.
“Those kids at the smell babes!” Ximon exclaims, delighted by the recollection. “They were waiting outside when we arrived and they were like, “Are you from Teeth!!!? AWESOME! YOU GUYS RULE!” The Hobgoblin in Brighton is another site of fond memories for the band. “It was a Sex Is Disgusting show. There were lots of fat old rockers there but they really liked us.” Veronica recalls while reaching for another handful of Cheez-its.

Teeth!!! are the kind of band that turn a room of disinterested half stoned hipsters into raving idiots, ready to dance until dawn. In short, a great party band, but their sound has taken a musical journey through more serious territory. “At first we wrote political songs, on sexuality and the war and stuff.” Ximon reveals. “We tried to do political disco but that didn’t work out.” Veronica admits remorsefully.
As a band they are more comfortable producing brighter and lighter music than their gothic contemporaries. “I couldn’t imagine being in a band that plays really boring slow wannabe goth music. I mean where’s the fun in that?” Raves Ximon on the subject of a London post-punk band he has developed a dislike for.
“It’s bullshit! Go and write some fun songs. I mean we don’t have the best equipment, our drum kit is fucked and Veronica obviously can’t sing but we have, like, the best time.” From hanging out with the band this afternoon, I am inclined to believe him.

Published: P.i.X magazine: issue # 34, July 2009


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  1. normally bands that are a bit shitty sounding like these guys have a really strong look or good looking front person at least.
    this band have neither, why do they bother? if you get what i mean

  2. no-one can "get what you mean" when you're talking so much bullshit. douche