Saturday, 6 June 2009

Betty and the werewolves

So..David Cassidy. What’s the attraction?

His blue, blue eyes. Some people might think they’re a bit shifty, but Betty is spellbound by David…he’s a dreamboat with his own cult.

What is the best werewolf movie ever?

Wolf Blood. It was made in 1925 and written by a man called Cliff. In your face, Teen Wolf!

Who are your favourite people amongst your contemporary musicians?

We have lots of favourites - Je Suis Animal, Vivian Girls, Hot Silk Pockets, Comet Gain, Kasms, Screaming Tea Party, WetDog, Male Bonding

You get put on some unlikely bills. Do audiences always react well to your playful approach to live music?

We love playing to different crowds. We mostly play to Twee crowds, which is mega fun – they pogo like it’s 1994 and snog all the way through our set. We’ve also played with bands like Fucked Up and the Shitty Limits where the audience goes crazy, breaking into moshpits and invading the stage after the first song. Either way, one of us usually ends up falling over, snapping a string or losing a shoe. There doesn’t need to be an audience for that to happen…

What was the deal with that movie you appeared in, 1234? Was it fun?

Definitely! It was so surreal re-enacting a gig - we had to mime to our own backing track and Doug had to be smeared with fake sweat. Actually, Doug’s acting impressed everyone in the end - move over Danny DeVito!

You’ve had your own jewellery made by Tatty Devine, what is next, your own brand of cupcakes?

Good question! We’ve already had David Cassidy ginger bread men at our last single launch. We’ve also got special Betty pencils which tend to rival the record sales at out gigs…maybe we need to branch into ring tones? Or maybe Doug could design a clothing range?

How did it feel being on Channel 4 news as the backing track to the decline of the music industry?

That was really funny, we had no idea channel 4 news had recorded us until our phones started melting with messages from our friends who were at home watching the news on a Saturday night. Also, the audio clip they use doesn’t match up to the images. So Laura looks like she’s singing really out of tune, when actually it’s me! Mwa ha haaa…...oh….

What does 2009 have in store for betty and the werewolves?

Snapping strings, jumping related injuries, sweating, more sweating, Casio tone explosions, an album with damaged goods, bass/face collisions, some new songs and some new picnic dresses.

Can you tell me your favourite werewolf related songs please?

Dunno but I really like 'Shoplifting' by the Slits

Published: P.i.X magazine: issue # 33, June 2009

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