Friday, 22 May 2009


It is a privilege to have obtained an interview from Dalston based trio Male Bonding. They have a nonchalant attitude toward the interview format, and perhaps the music press in general, “The internet is way more powerful and a million times more interesting and rewarding than a copy of artrocker magazine. It breaks down all of the barriers the "music industry" built over the years... for reals.” Guitarist and singer John Arthur Webb argues.
The band’s DIY approach to the music industry owes as much to punk as does their sound, a heady mix of post-hardcore, grunge and lo-fi noise pop. “We can’t operate in any other way,” explains Webb on the subject of their label. “It has to be about control, creativity and independence. There are of course a lot of amazing bands and independent labels that want to help, and be involved - and this all relates to how we try to run our label, PARADISE VENDORS INC.” The Record label has released a series of split EP’s featuring the likes of PENS and Graffiti Island. “PVI is, and always has been about us putting records out by our friend’s bands we love and want to support. One big label, who we have total love for, told us that if they had known that we were interested in working with other labels, then they would of put an offer in last year. It’s funny how people see us as a fiercely independent unit that won't work with any other labels - that's not the case.”
The next release from MB will be a GG Allin covers split on Italian beach babes records, along with PENS, Graffiti Island and Thee Pharaohs. “It’s going to be great.” Enthuses Webb, “GG fascinates me; he lived 100% through his music and you can see that and hear it. His voice changed so much. All those cigarettes and bottles of Jim beam. I think he was an intelligent person, but he consumed too much of his own shit - quite literally.”
The band are yet to record their contribution to the GG Allin split, partially because they’ve been too busy having the time of their lives in America. “In Austin, we were taxied around by finally punk for an evening that involved seeing Devo, then watching annihilation time, trash talk and the Vivian girls play on a bridge, a.m. tacos and climbing a mountain and watching the sun come up. That was one of the best days of my life.”
Whether Conan from Graffiti Island who runs Italian beach babes records is annoyed with the lack of a punctual contribution from MB is beyond me, but if it came down to it, which band would win in a fight? “There are collectively a lot of glasses involved so there wouldn't be any face punching allowed,” states Webb as he considers his chances. “Plus Pete is too beautiful to hit in the face. Bear hugs and spitting... the odd body shot. I guess they would probably win.”

Published: P.i.X magazine: issue # 33, June 2009


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