Friday, 27 February 2009

Empire Buildings

How fashion and architecture have always been synonymous with one another.

When the earliest Cro-Magnon fashion designers bashed their thick skulls against those of the first architects their primitive minds may have realised that their respective professions were destined to be interwoven for eternity. The same fur, feathers and vegetation used to shelter bodies from the elements whilst also providing them with ornamental aesthetic compliment served the same functions in the form of the primitive structures our ancestors used as habitation. When the architects of Europe sought to reach to the heavens with the highest possible church spires so too did the ladies of France adorn their crowns with tall cone shaped hats. When modernism brought about the simplification of all creative art forms, it affected these two companions in the realm of human creation in equal measure.

Both of these mathematically inclined art forms cater for the limitations and requirements of the human body and share the same aspects of creative exploration space, volume and movement. Each can also be used as a form of cultural and artistic expression. The two mediums share basic concepts and techniques of construction, each starting with a skeletal framework from which additional matter can be supported, suspended or draped. The geometry of fashion design and the industry’s obsession with strong silhouettes and lines to accentuate form borrows from that of the architectural design process. Gareth Pugh’s use of rectangular segmented structures would not look out of place in a cityscape, Viktor and Rolf’s show in which each model was attached to their own lighting rigs and sound systems allowed for innovative experimentation with the conventional framework of the human body. New Designer Mikio Sakabe’s more subtle incorporation of architectural aesthetics into fashion is accessible and understated enough to be worn off the catwalk and integrated with the urban architecture it emulates.

published: Dazed and Confused Vol II #66 October 2008


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