Friday, 27 February 2009

Bling My Bell

When historians of the future analyze the ancient golden artefacts of the 20th century such as Lil’ Jon’s “Diamond and fancy yellow diamond and gold – CRUNK AINT DEAD” pendant and necklace, they will probably liken the illuminated hip hop idols of our age to the pharaohs of Egypt, and will have as much difficulty deciphering the meaning of their symbols and language. If you want to own a part of modern history or if you are a disciple of the church of hip hop and have always dreamed of owning Slick Rick’s Diamond encrusted multi-colour eye patch, then your opportunity to look like the cycloptic pirate of bling has arrived. Just make sure you have $200,000 handy before you show up at the Crown Jewels of Hip Hop auction to be held by Phillips De Pury & Company in New York on the 1st October. Hip Hop history will be made as jewellery owned by the likes of Tupac and Biggie is sold for ‘big money’, an unspecified portion of which will be donated to Rush Community Affairs. What better way to demonstrate how in touch you are with the American underclass than to sport Missy Elliot’s gold moving turntable ring worth $8,500? That is keeping it real.

published: Dazed and Confused Vol II #66 October 2008

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